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Shorts can be great to wear to events both casual and semi-casual.  When looking to buy shorts, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You can rehearse your introduction to clients, new friend groups, and family at gatherings, but your first impression is established when you walk into the room. The way you dress is a reflection of your personality, and with Hawkers Trading Essential Shorts, you can make an unforgettable statement. The shorts line at Hawkers Trading aims to provide an eye-catching, must-have closet addition that will prove that you dress to impress, in an effortless way.

Why shorts?

With the summer raging on in its unforgivingly hot glory, the last thing anyone wants is to don jeans for extended periods of time. It would be a sin to sacrifice your expensive pants for better fabric options, but who shows up to a barbecue party at 2 p.m. wearing sweatpants? Lo and behold, the answer to all these fashion disasters: an impeccable pair of shorts. 

Lightweight, stylish and fashionable shorts have never taken a backseat in men's fashion due to their functionality and classy look. In recent years, the appropriateness of formal shorts has even expanded to workspaces and provides a goldmine of opportunity to express your identity in the contemporary styles available. Achieving the perfect look book is not so easy though. If you have ever shopped for clothing, you must be aware of the near mathematical process involved in buying the absolute best item.

So what makes a pair of shorts worth buying? The widely agreed-upon formula for the perfect shorts includes comfort and quality, two things Hawkers Trading does not compromise on. Superior quality shorts prevent uncomfortable fabric or insecurity over an unattractive outfit from breaking down your confidence. The comfort element goes hand in hand with the quality, as well-fitted and gentle fabrics allow you to enjoy your clothes. Combine these two together, and you'll be surprised how drastic the change is in how you carry yourself and how self-assured you feel.

Trust us, it makes all the difference, it's almost scientific! 

Making a Strong Statement

It is possible that this is not the first time you’re embarking on a quest to buy shorts as a statement piece for your wardrobe. You may have been disappointed with the results of your earlier searches, but that’s about to change. Hawkins Trading guarantees that you will have to look no further to have your fashion shorts needs met. The Fashion Essentials are designed to provide a luxury clothing experience, whether it is formal or casual wear.

The comfortable fit of the Adan Twill Shorts in Navy will surely turn a few heads with its stylish look, and you can enjoy the experience of the lightweight Twill fabric. The possibilities for styling these shorts are endless, as you can throw a casual printed button-down in the mix with sneakers and be a jaw-dropper at an informal get-together. Pair these shorts up with a solid black button-down or polo shirt, grab some loafers and you're ready for a classy evening date! 

If the comfort element is your top priority and you're looking for informal essentials, the men's shorts in green are a perfect match. These shorts are made up of 100% linen, meaning the wearing experience will be smooth like butter. These essential shorts are best suited to smart and casual events. An African wax accent lines the hem of the shorts, just to add a touch of luxury. Another casual pick that focuses on the perfect fit is the Adan Twill Shorts in Navy. With spandex in its composition, it offers a truly fitted look and endless mix and match opportunities with the shirt. 

Your perfect shopping experience is a few 'short' steps away!

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