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Your Guide To Backpacking Across Town In Style!

Long gone are our high school days when carrying backpacks put you on the bottom of the social totem pole. We are now back to finding planning and organizing fun, just like the good old days. This is the circle of life: backpack edition. That’s right, backpacks are back in style and they’re here to stay. Let’s talk about what makes this fashion essential so fashionable and so essential in the first place. 

Packing It Up

Backpacks are the strapped backbone of our daily lives. We may have replaced the textbook with a laptop and the pencil case with a makeup pouch, but our need for a reliable carrier for our belongings has remained the same. A need that backpacks fulfill like no other. Going to college or on a trip around town? Check. Running errands or sightseeing on vacation? Check. Grocery shopping or meeting friends? Check and check! The devil works hard, but backpacks work harder. 

Just because backpacks are functional doesn't mean they cannot be fun at the same time. 

There are so many styles on the market that the options can seem overwhelming. However, we’ve got your back (pun intended). Read on to find out how to pick out your signature backpack and combine work and play into one fashion accessory!

What size do I need?

It’s easy to get carried away when selecting a size for your backpack. There are numerous sizes available, from compact women’s backpacks such as The Capri, to larger bags like our Citi Nomad. This can make it hard to make a decision, especially if all of them look appealing. In this case, it is best to operate on a need-based model. 

Bag sizes these days range from small bags to huge ones. If you prefer to travel light, you probably don’t need a large backpack for your belongings. A medium or small-size bag can be your best bet if you only need to carry a few things with you. However, if you pack like the zombie apocalypse is around the corner, get the largest size available!

What fabric do I need?

Backpacks come in several materials. Some are here for a good time while others are here for a long time. You could choose from cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, and other finishes. Cotton backpacks make for a good casual fashion accessory, but you might want to look at a polyester or nylon backpack for more durability. 

On the other hand, leather backpacks make for elegant bags that can be used to add style to your outfit. A leather finish will amp up the aesthetic value of your backpack, so you can pair it up with a dressy look too! They’re classy and classic, but probably not your cup of tea if you prefer more rugged stuff. The fabric you select will determine what style statement you make, so make it count!

Putting Your Back Into It


Padding is a huge plus-point in a backpack if you foresee having to stuff it with heavy things that you’ll be carrying around everywhere! A padded back and straps can go a long way in making your backpack a lot easier to carry around. Just remember, a little bit of consideration can lead to a whole lot of comfort!


The number of pockets available can significantly raise the appeal of a backpack. When looking for your perfect backpack you need to consider how many pockets you need. The higher the number of pockets, the better room for organization of different products and ease of access! It always helps to have product-specific pockets for delicate items. Items like laptops can highly benefit from padded pockets. It’s also great if you can find insulated pockets for bottles to prevent your hot drinks from getting cold!


One of the attributes that may justify a higher price tag is the durability of a bag. When carrying heavier items, it becomes more of a necessity. For seasoned hikers, the material of the bag can have a major impact on durability. When you’re in the wild, you won’t care as much about the looks if your backpack is falling apart at the seams. So, a leather backpack may be a good option for a college student but if you’re a hiker, you may want to consider a sturdier option like cotton or polyester.

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