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Collection: Autumn's Hottest Fashions

We're excited about fall.  WHAT?  Why?  We've spent the last several months sourcing fresh fashions from across the globe.

Many of these finds are made in small batches in places such as Bali and Cambodia.  These artisans often make one piece from start to finish from their living room.  Whether made in small batches to provide a respectable wage to folks across the ocean-or right here in the United States, be sure to check out our latest line of handcrafted and fair-trade products and let's get a jumpstart on autumn!

Women’s Clothes - Autumn's Hottest Fashions

Autumn is a time that we associate with lush, luxurious textures and rich hues, whether it be in nature or our daily lives. These influences spill over to the world of fashion too. Think of saturated, deep tones on thick drapes, beautiful ombres, muted tones, and awe-inspiring fabrics.

Does it not instantly give regal or dark academia feels to your wardrobe?

Fall fashion is unique as it amalgamates elements from both summer and winter styles to create a fashion statement with a personality of its own. Moreover, women’s clothing especially is greatly enhanced by the elements of fall fashion.

But generic fall fashion is, in the most honest terms, not trending anymore. Nonetheless, factory-made clothes no longer have the same pull they used to have during the old ‘Industrial Revolution’ days when quantity was favored and needed over quality or aesthetics.

Those days are long gone and today handcrafted fashion is making a show in the international market with a bang. The bespoke fashion where there is only one piece of a custom-made outfit in the whole world is the new cool.

And, this is exactly where we come in. At Hawkers Trading, we carefully handpick and curate the best pieces of clothing from all over the world.

From a handmade outfit made in the wee locales of the Southeast to a unique piece created by an independent designer right here in the United States, we always make sure that the collection we bring together helps an artisan somewhere in the world earn a living wage through dignified work.

At the same time, it gives our customers to don a unique piece of clothing when they step out. Our latest autumn collection lives up to our brand principles while bringing the best fall flavors to your wardrobe.

Adopt The Ultimate Alt-Look With Cardigans And Sweaters

There was a time when cardigans and sweaters were considered traditional clothing. But, those days are long behind us. The nerdy, academic look is in vogue, and fashion-forward folks are chasing to adopt it.

Whether you want to wear a cardigan or sweater by itself or layer it with other pieces of clothing, you can make it look fashionable when styled in the right way. You can even layer a sweater with a cardigan for a nice rustic look if that is what you are going for.

Or you can add belts or brooches for a more New York street look. The possibilities are endless.

The best thing about these clothing options is that they do not even need to be strictly knitwear. A lot of new fabrics and techniques have come to be used that can give sweaters and cardigans a look more suitable for the autumn temperatures.

Of course, chunky knitted woolen cardigans and sweaters have their own charm that can never be replaced. You can wear them in deep hues with an outfit in neutral or contrasting colors for a bold look or maintain a color palette to enforce a certain European aesthetic.

The versatility of the sweater and the cardigan are truly to die for. After all, the sky is the limit.

What is even better is that the types and styles of sweaters and cardigans that are available nowadays make it so easy to create a stylish look with very few pieces of clothing. You have pullovers, cardigans, shrugs, tunics, hoodies, kaftan or poncho-style wears, caped style, different fits, and all of these in long and short versions, different openings, various sleeve lengths, and even oversized versions.

And of course, you can get them in a hundred different colors, textures, fabrics, patterns, trimmings, and other embellishments.

Moreover, the Hawkers Trading catalog will show you authentic, handcrafted options that you will not find in any other store or anybody else’s closet. Our cardigans and sweaters come from all over the world, giving you myriad options in the kind of look and style you are going for.

Wow The People Watchers With One-Of-A-Kind Jackets And Coats

If you are the kind of person that is unabashedly fashion-conscious and like to stay trendy while maintaining an evergreen feel, you probably have lots of jackets and coats in your wardrobe. Coats and jackets have the awesome ability to elevate any look from meh to mwah.

Even a very commonplace outfit will look haute couture when you throw on a coat on top of it. In the same way, a nice jacket over even the most boring fit will make you look like you are a part of the popular kid clique.

There is no denying what a jacket or a coat can do for your look.

Additionally, the best thing about jackets and coats is that you can mix and match them with different clothes to create entirely different looks from the same piece of outerwear. Even if you are wearing the exact same set as a previous look, you can simply change up the accessories or the way you are wearing them to create a completely different look.

You could even drape the jacket around your shoulders and it would give you never-seen-before swagger. And, an added advantage is that jackets and coats can be made easily from any kind of fabric, be it cotton, denim, leather, wool, silk, a more luxurious fabric, or even some synthetic yarn.

Today, there are so many different styles and types of jackets and coats to choose from. From the essential denim jacket to the must-have long trench coat, the trendy bomber jacket to the cool leather biker jacket, the boho patchwork jacket to the ubiquitous hoodie jacket, the street fashion parka to the fruity bolero, there are more styles of coats and jackets than you can fit into one person’s closet.

At the same time, jackets are so essential and stylish that you can never have just one, or even just a few. The itch to upgrade your closet with a new jacket is insatiable to say in the most accurate terms.

But do you want a coat or jacket that everyone owns or do you want a piece that will never be seen on anyone else?

Of course, you will choose the latter. We thought so too.

At Hawkers Trading, we bring unique jackets and coats from across the globe for our amazing, fashionable customers. We know you would do anything to get your hands on a one-in-a-million piece that accentuates your taste and makes you feel fabulous.

Add To Your Look That Extra Wow With Women's Accessories

If you look in the closets of people who really know how to style their looks, you will see that their stash of accessories is greater than the number of clothes they have.

After all, accessories are the key to creating an exponential number of looks from a few pieces of clothes.

Whether you are a thrifty shopper or a voracious shopaholic, you can never have enough accessories in your box. It is a wonder how you can completely go from someone people will notice in passing to someone people will not be able to move their eyes from simply by pairing your outfit with the right accessories.

And the most wonderful thing is that, if you want, you can mix up your pieces of jewelry and create a unique look that nobody else would ever have thought of.

Go minimal or go overboard, you can never go wrong with accessories.

Women’s accessories have come to a point where you can adorn any part of your body from your head to your toe. There are even full-body accessories like body chains and harnesses that can take your simple day look to a dazzling club outfit of the night.

And if you are someone with multiple piercings, that just expands the canvas for your accessories even more. Today, a lot many people are trying numerous placements to suit their taste. This includes using a necklace as a headband, doubling that toe ring as a midi finger ring, putting an earring on their navel piercing, or switching the bracelet to an anklet, and many more.

Even accessory designers are taking a cue from people’s adventurous ways and creating versatile jewelry that can be worn in many different ways.

Hawkers Trading understands what an important part of your style closet women’s accessories is. Whether you are going to work, going for a brunch on a Sunday outing or long vacation, going to a posh dinner or getting ready for a party, have the club as your destination, or decking up for a romantic date, you cannot leave the house without some accessories on you.

That is why we bring you the most unique collection of women’s accessories that you will not find anywhere else. Handcrafted by artisans from everywhere, our pieces will be yours only.

The cherry on top is that your one purchase will help an independent artisan somewhere make their living. Our fair-trade practices ensure that. So, here’s to fulfilling your social responsibilities while evolving with the trend of fashion and clothing.

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