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At Hawkers Trading we've brought together a unique assortment of women's cardigans & sweaters from across the globe.  The difference?  We don't look all over the place for lowest wage countries-but those places where craftspeople are looking to make an honorable living to make small batches of fresh fashions.

Women's cardigans are available in a wide range of materials, lengths, and of course with or without hoods.

Women's cardigans with hoods offer a great versatility.  Historically, women's hoodies were made of terrycloth whereas in recent years women's cardigans with hoods have offered a more fashion-forward option for the more discerning woman.

Women's Cardigans For Sale 

Since there is a vast number of textile industries worldwide, people still like knitted garments. It is not true that they are towards knitted items; both factory-made and knitted garments are equally loved since ancient times. Both kinds have their trends and styles. People choose what fits their requirements, degree of comfort, budget, choices, and personal preferences. 

Cardigans are an example of knitted garments that the majority of people like. Their wide variety successfully grabs the attention of dream customers. If you, like many others, are searching for a suitable platform to order stylish and unique cardigans, your search is over now. Hawkers Trading is an online store that does this job for you. 

Hawkers Trading and fashion trends 

If you want to adopt every new fashion trend out there, you can trust Hawkers Trading. We offer a wide variety of fashion items ranging from watches and sunglasses for men and women to totes for women. Mostly, we feature handcrafted goods. Looking you choose our products and trust our services makes us put more and more efforts of designing your favorites.

We will never disappoint you when it is about knitted garments, like that of cardigans for women. We offer a variety of styles and shades of cardigans to you to choose from. We introduce new and unique items now and then. 

What are Cardigans? 

Cardigans are knitted garments worn over the upper body. They find differences from sweaters in the way that they are open at the front. This feature makes them unique from sweaters, as all sweaters do not have an opening. This opening, in turn, makes them more and more stylish.

 Cardigans for Women 

Like everything else, Cardigans vary hugely in terms of their length, shape, and style. You can style each of them in any way as per your styling skills, taste, and occasion requirements. Cardigan may be: 

  • Long Cardigans 

If you search for a chic and comfy blend in the Cardigan, a long cardigan is the best choice, perfect for in-between seasons. An addition of jeans or a short skirt to your look can do well. When it drops the temperature, go for a chunky knit that conserves heat in arms and shoulders. When the temperature starts setting at the threshold of warm and cold, a calf-length light cardigan will be a wise choice that helps you feel snug without even overheating. 

  • Cropped Cardigans 

If you choose this kind of Cardigan, sneakers and a pair of straight-leg jeans will complete your look. Alternatively, palazzo pant with a high waist or a pencil skirt with a button-down tucked-in jumper helps you look stylish. Besides, you get a complete look without even wearing too much. Cropped cardigans are the best options for those who wish to spice up their wardrobe from work to party. 

  • Buttons-up Cardigan 

If you want a classic look, choose button-up cardigans. Either you put some modern spin on style or rock with a traditional look, a button-up cardigan belongs to every wardrobe. You can style your Cardigan with jeans, rollnecks, skirts. Also, you can try monochrome cardigans or different prints and patterns. Go and experiment with different colors and patterns like pinks, blues, leopards, and stripes. There are no rules and regulations with this fun knitted garment, and you are free to style it. 

  • Chunky Knit Cardigans 

When the temperature drops, choose chunky knits. This style gives a great finishing touch to your outfit, either it is the short length or long length. Moreover, it is an easy and convenient way to keep your body warm. You opt for a classic style to floor-hitting length, you can never go wrong in any way. 

  • Plus Size Cardigans 

This knitwear will polish off any look you are having. Monochrome is a straightforward way to look instantly stylish. Moreover, a shawl collar cardigan helps you look even chicer. If you add a pair of flares with a high waist, it will create an hourglass shape. 

  • Wrap Cardigans 

When the temperature falls, you need to select a comfortable cardigan and snug at the same time. In such conditions, wrap cardigans go far. Especially for dancers, a wrap cardigan is a typical outfit that keeps them warm and leaves ample room for moves. You can choose a cropped sweater or long-line knitwear. They will help a lot to keep the cold at bay. 

  • Short-Sleeve Cardigans 

For those who think that cardigans are exclusive to the winter season, we will prove them wrong. This knitwear is not at all constrained to a specific season. You can leave your arms bare by wearing short-sleeve alternatives to cardigans. To finish the glam look, you can turn this Cardigan into an entire outfit by buttoning up the centre and using a pair of jeans. To keep your look flirty, you can pair an A-line skirt or a summery dress with the Cardigan. This look is more suitable for a date at the movies or a picnic party. 

  • Shawl Collar Cardigan

Shawl Collar Cardigan is a unique cardigan among all others. If you want to add a classy spin to your cardigan style, this type of knit garment is going to win your heart. It has a shawl collar that looks bossy and glamorous. Wearing this, you will shift your style to a casual one without even looking overdressed. You can carry this style almost anywhere. Besides all this, you can keep it simple yet classic by pairing it with jeans and a plain T-shirt. A black roll neck or Leather pants will be an excellent choice to carry with a shawl collar cardigan. This versatile piece of the knit garment works at every age and every season. 

Cardigans that Hawkers Trading features 

Hawkers Trading features a variety of Cardigans that vary significantly in their size, shape, and style. We feature: 

Curvy & Stylish Cardigan

Trinity Organic Jersey Sweater

Women's Cozy Hoodie Shirt

EveryWear Essential Tunic

Eco-Friendly Reverse Hoodie USA Made

Color Block Tunic

Java Ribbed Turtleneck Top

Plush Alpaca Wrap Vest

RacerSleeve Heathered Comfort Top

Brushed Two-Tone Sweater Rib Hooded Top

Beaded With Tassel Hemmed Cover Up Kimono Cardigan

Kaii Two-Tone Hanky Hem Cardigan

Women's Navy Long Cardigan

Ladies Eco-Triblend Rib Cardigan 

When to Wear a Cardigan 

  • Casual 

The best and most popular way to dress casually is a cute top and a pair of jeans. For creating a more fantastic look, consider adding a cardigan with a length that hits your hips or a bit longer. This makes your look more exciting. You can choose a monochrome cardigan or go for a chunky knit with bold colors to style casual. Rocking one shoulder bare or wearing a crop top underneath would be a great choice to add more glamor. 

  • Business Casuals 

Wearing a cardigan with a shirt or a simple pair of trousers in black is an easy but stylish and formal look. Not only it suits your business, but also you can rush into a coffee shop after work in the same wearing. Moreover, you can also add a thin belt to cinch your waist or even a lengthy pleated skirt. It proves that this garment is not constrained to an office or home only; you can style it concerning the event or venue.  

  • Semi-Formal 

A cardigan is, indeed, an easy and stylish way for semi-formal occasions. You can wear it either in the day or even at night. While stepping out of your office, you can opt for a slim-line top, pencil skirt, and a cropped jacket. By wearing all this, you are all ready to go. When it comes to style your look for a corporate event, you can use a pair of palazzo pants with a high waist with light colors like cream or sand with a button-down. 

  • Formal 

When you are going to the opera, attending a wedding event, the Cardigan is a stylish and easy way to boost your style and tie your outfit. Ranging from a long duster to a bolero-style, the Cardigan is a way to remain warm during cool seasons. Additionally, you can add a chic feel along with the monochrome look. You can also go wild in knit garments with long sleeves. By doing this, you can convert your style from semi-formal to one compatible with fancy events. 

How to style Cardigans 

  • Cardigans are not exclusive to one specific season, and you can wear them the whole year whenever you want

  • Try to wear different colours and patterns. The Cardigan you are wearing can be a perfect statement piece of what you are wearing.

  • Do not bound yourself to a specific length of Cardigan. Try a variety of cardigans and experiment with new styles.

  • You can also cinch your waist with a cropped cardigan, belt, or pants with high waists. This look will give an entirely new touch to your style.

  • An addition of a cardigan to a semi-formal dress is an elegant way to look stylish and glamorous.

  • You can wear a T-shirt underneath if you wish to look less formal.

So check out our assortment of cardigans & sweaters, we would be delighted to add a few to your own special fashion sense.

A Hawker is a vendor of goods that are inexpensive and easily transportable. Applying the same concept, Hawker’s Trading aims to provide a highly fashionable and unique assortment of women cardigans and sweaters from around the globe to our female consumers in the US.

There is no need to look anywhere else as our range of sweaters and cardigans aren’t only one-of-a-kind but also the best in quality and are delivered at surprisingly reasonable prices. Hawker’s Trading takes notice that all our amazing craftsmen are compensated justly and well taken care of. We don’t look all over for lowest wage countries, but instead, we prefer artisans who demand a decent living. Our talented craftsmen make smaller batches of fresh and fashionable women sweaters and cardigans.

We take pride in our consistency and our ability to keep innovating. We remain true to our concept and work towards achieving the extraordinary from the ordinary. Our sweaters and cardigan exuberate class and elegance that can be integrated into each individual’s unique fashion sense. We are constantly thinking about changing consumer trends and demands.

Another specialty of ours is the customer services that we offer. All consumers of Hawker’s Trading are the company’s utmost priority. Not only is the best customer service and support provided while purchasing, but a five-year warranty is also given with each cardigan or sweater that is bought from us.

So, go on to surf our products and allow yourself to experience this affordable luxury. You won’t regret it.

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