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Backpacks for the Back of Beyond 

Many have dreamed of, and attempted, to conquer the great outdoors. And yet, only a few have succeeded without misadventures coloring their adventure. While most of it comes down to fate, another great reason outdoorsy activities tend to go awry is that we aren't well-prepared. 

Be it something small like forgetting snacks and ending up hangry during your trip, or something bigger like not having the appropriate tools to deal with a first-aid emergency, there are any number of things that could go wrong. We can't go to the store or the hospital when we're outdoors, but we can bring the store and hospital to us. Or at least the important parts. Behold, the key to preparing and having a fruitful outdoor adventure: outdoor backpacks. 

Backpacks are the heavyweight champion of dependable travel companions. When traveling, there are many essentials we need to bring with us, and backpacks allow us to carry them all. 

Keep reading to find out all the ways backpacks have our back when we're outdoors and which one you need to bag for your next trip! 

Day vs. Night 

Rule one of a trip into nature: know what you need and make sure to have it. You don't need to see the future to know what you'll end up needing, just your itinerary. It's quite simple. The activities you plan on doing and the time you plan on doing them determine your requirements and which backpacks best meets them. 

If you're thinking of a day trip, such as for trekking, you'll need a lighter and smaller bag that you can carry around easily. You should pack all the essentials like water and first aid in your backpack, but you can skip the sleeping bag. However, if you plan or foresee camping/staying the night, you have to think bigger. You'll need more things and a larger backpack to hold them.

Backpack Checklist 


All backpacks are not created equal. Specifications differ based on things like brand, material, price, and so on, but there are some things you cannot compromise on when you go to buy a backpack. First, quality. When you're outdoors, you're only as good as your backpack, so make sure it's sturdy. The more robust and durable the bag is, the more likely it is that it, and you, will be able to survive the wild. And if you play your cards right, you should have a travel companion for life.


Second, and our personal favorite, comfort. You may think that since you're venturing out into rugged terrain anyway, might as well suck it up. But that's the last thing you should do. Backpacks are designed to make your life easier, so let them. Invest in padded shoulder straps, streamlined designs, a sternum strap for extra support, breathable mesh back panel, strong handle on top, the whole works. Keep an eye out for outdoor backpacks with rain cover, they'll come in handy. You get bonus points if the backpack is made of eco-friendly or recycled material like nylon. Just remember, the more comfortable you are carrying the backpack, the better your outdoor trip will be. 

Storage and Organization

We cannot stress enough how important this is. Your backpack should have dimensions, capacity, and a weight that makes it ideal for you. The storage should be adequate to meet the needs of your particular trips. Look for more pockets, sections, and separations to make the most of the space you do have. 

You should expect the unexpected, but also make sure you are prepared to deal with the unexpected. Err on the side of caution and buy backpacks with greater storage that don't compromise on the size. You will never regret bringing an umbrella you didn't need as much as you'll regret not bringing an umbrella you ended up needing. 

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